Discover Grégoire Lepeigneux

Grégoire Lepeigneux is a French artist who lives in Paris. Drawing has been a passion for him since he was a child. He started to study in a school of architecture, where he discovered the rOtring pens, which he now uses every day.

“I never draw realistic things; I prefer to let my imagination loose on the paper. I play a lot with contrast and perspectives. The Isograph 0.1 is a technical pen which helps me to produce exactly what I want. Its deep black ink, its fine line width and its fluidity allow me to work in the same way as I would work on an engraving. I can perfect my style thanks to it. It is the perfect pen for me.”

Grégoire is very curious and finds a lot of inspiration when looking around him. He is inspired a lot by Moebius, engravers such as Mohlitz and Gerard Trignac, and also by Tsutomu Nihei and the manga “Blame”. “My drawings are a combination of all these inspirations, with my personal touch”, he says.

The name of my blog is M3LANKOLYA & INSOMNYA. The melancholia is a feeling I have a lot when I am drawing. The insomnia refers to the whole nights I spend with my pens, creating and creating again. Not having a fixed schedule makes me feel free.

In 2013, the artist left his job and has since fully dedicated his life to his art.