Discover Ganaëlle Maury

Ganaëlle Maury was born in 1982 and lives in Montpellier, where she works as an artist and a graphic designer. After studying fine arts, she developed personal and collective projects as part of the “en Traits Libres” studio.

She structures her work around a sound analysis of drawing techniques and the infinite replication of minute details previously sampled. Surfaces form on the paper, made of millions of strokes and repeated patterns.

She regularly uses rOtring for their very thin-line-width pens, mostly rOtring Isograph and Tikky Graphic pens.

I began using rOtring pens by chance. Years before, I’d worked in book publishing, and I’d been given a box of pens when the design office had a clear-out. Amongst them were a couple of rOtring Rapidographs... I’m a fan of the ‘ligne claire’ style of drawing in French and Belgian comics (particularly Joost Swarte, Floc’h and, of course, Hergé) and the regular line of the rOtring enables me to work in that tradition. I scan the work and colour it up (and correct it) in Photoshop to obtain the same flat colours as those used in the ‘ligne claire’ tradition.

After my blog had been running for a couple of years, Tate Publishing asked me to write and illustrate a book about London in the same style. London Walks! was the result.

I use a number of rOtring Rapidographs: the 0.35-mm Rapidograph for most of my work, with the 0.5 mm for thicker, outer lines, and the 0.25-mm Rapidograph for finer detail.

“I always start a drawing not knowing what shape it’s going to take, thus leaving room for surprise and disruptive accidents.” This is the way her drawings slowly and intuitively form and intrinsically stretch. “A stroke set on paper is the result of accumulated moments that happen only once in a lifetime.” All of her drawings share a common thread: they capture feelings at a given time. On the verge of empty abstraction, her drawings never jeopardise the subjectiveness of emotion, communication and imagination.